Monday, April 4, 2011

Zooper Twist Review

The time had come for a new stroller, and like the baby gear nerd that I am, the choice was not something I took lightly. I spent hours reading stroller reviews and watching review videos on you tube. I asked other moms for their opinions. And after narrowing it down to my top three choices, I even made a list of all the stroller's features and scored each stroller first, second, or third. The stroller with the top overall score would be the one I would purchase, of course.

I'm pretty sure that if I could afford it, I would be a total stroller snob. 

But since I can't afford to be a stroller snob, and since I knew this would most likely be the last stroller I would ever purchase, I wanted to get the most out of the experience. I decided on the Zooper Twist.

The Twist is a upgraded umbrella-type stroller. It folds compactly, umbrella-style; but still has a lot of the features that you probably love about your travel system/full size stroller. I think it's pretty snazzy looking! It looks great in person- the colors are vibrant.

As you can see, my almost 3-year old fits with lots of room above her head. I will go ahead and point out one of the things that I didn't love about the stroller- she seems to slouch in it a bit. Her bottom is sliding forward- that's why her legs are hanging off the footrest like that. I'd also like it if the crotch strap on the harness was movable- if she was any bigger she'd be sitting on it. But at almost 3, she probably won't be riding in the stroller much anyway, so I'm not too disappointed.

Now for the canopy. This is my absolute favorite thing about the Zooper Twist. The canopy is the reason I chose this stroller over all the others I considered. This quite possibly the coolest canopy I've ever seen- for sure the best canopy I've ever seen on an umbrella stroller.

Okay, so that looks like a pretty normal sized, decent canopy, right? But wait. There's a zipper at the top. When you unzip it, the canopy literally doubles in size!

And if you want to, you can pull the canopy even further forward- in this pic the front of the canopy is touching her legs!

The Twist has a 4 position seat back recline. Here it is with the seat fully reclined.

And here's the full recline with the canopy fully extended. Great sun protection for a napping child! It's not shown in this pic, but the footrest is also adjustable to provide more leg support for smaller kids.

Like having a peekaboo window so you can peek on your child? The Twist doesn't just have a peekaboo window, it has an entire peekaboo panel! And there's no velcro to undo, which means no loud ripping noises to wake your child.

If you live in a hot climate like I do here in Houston, the Twist has another great feature that you can use while the seat is reclined. The entire back panel is removable to expose a mesh layer that allows air to flow freely through the stroller! I know that will really come in handy during those hot summer trips to the park.

The Twist has some great storage options. It has a decent sized basket(I can fit my diaper bag in there sideways),

a pocket on the back for cell/keys/wallet,
and an included cupholder. 
Great storage options for an umbrella stroller! I really loaded it down yesterday- I had 4 books, a lunch box, and 2 water bottles in the basket; and a fully loaded diaper bag on the handles. Zooper recommends not hanging anything on the handles, but even without a child in the seat, the stroller wasn't tippy at all with my diaper bag hanging on the back. It's so nice to have a stroller with storage again- I've been using a cheapo umbrella stroller and carrying my diaper bag everywhere. 

The handling is good going forward and turning, but I do have to stop and point out another issue I have with the stroller. When I pull the stroller backwards, the back wheels turn just a slight bit, making it very hard to move. It's kind of a big deal! 

You can see how the wheels come out of alignment here. I had a lot of trouble pulling the stroller back when they were doing this. 
I'm going to be contacting Zooper- I'm hoping that this is just a problem with my particular stroller and that they can send me some replacement wheels or something to fix the problem.

The Twist has an umbrella fold, with a automatic lock and a carry handle! Very handy. 

Now for the fun stuff! The Zooper Twist comes with a ton of accessories- all included in the price of the stroller. I don't know of another stroller at this price point that comes with all these bonuses. 

UV canopy. 
Rain canopy- although with the amazing canopy that's already on the stroller I'm not sure why you would need it! Maybe if you wanted to have the seat reclined in the rain? 
Storage bag for the canopies.
And even a two piece winter boot! I doubt that we'll find a use for this here in Houston, but hey- it was free! 
Overall, I'm very happy with my choice. The Twist is definitely the nicest stroller I've owned. If I can get Zooper to take care of the wheel issue, I'll go from very happy to thrilled! But either way I'd definitely recommend this stroller to anyone who's looking for an umbrella stroller with tons of features at a great price! 


  1. Hi,

    Did you ever resolve the backing up problem?

    Thanks for the details...

    1. I didn't. They sent me a new pair of back wheels for free, but that didn't fix the problem. The next step would have been for me to mail the stroller to Zooper, and I didn't want to pay for shipping or not have my stroller for however long they needed it, so I decided to just deal with it as is.