Saturday, September 10, 2011

Our adventurous day

We're loving the location of our new house. We've got a huge library, a really nice Kroger, and two parks within walking distance! I feel like a whole new world has opened up for me and the kids! We've only got one car, so when Thad's at work we're normally stuck at home. There wasn't anything within walking distance of our old house, and we didn't even have a backyard that we could play in. Needless to say, we're pretty thrilled with our new spot!

Today we went to play at the elementary school's playground. It's a big playground for bigger kids. There were two playsets- the smaller one said it was for ages 5-12, and the bigger one didn't have an age listed. My three year old and 18 month old loved it though.

Hayden climbed on a jungle jym for the first time. She was nervous at first, but got the hang of it after the first time.

Tristan climbed up this ladder. By himself. With no help from me. I climbed up behind him of course, with a death grip on his little arm, but I didn't help him at all. I was terrified the whole time, trying to climb myself and stay steady enough that I was sure I could catch him if he slipped. He wasn't scared at all though- just completely focused on climbing up that ladder. 
You can see him there at the bottom for a little scale of just how high the ladder was. 

So after that, we quickly found something else to do. Mommy's blood pressure couldn't handle another climb like that. But I guess nervousness is just something that comes along with mommy-hood, because Tristan decided that he wanted to repeatedly run back and forth across one of those wobbly bridges. He also thought it would be great fun to stand in the middle and jump. And of course, the gap between the hand rails and the bridge was just big enough that he would have been able to fall through if he had slipped. More elevated stress levels for Mommy. 

Who knew the playground could be such a scary place? 

But the scariest thing of all was all the cracks in the super-dry ground. They were everywhere. This is Hayden next to the biggest one.

We really need rain!!!

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